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About Me

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I'm Yael Cohen Aris, 25, an entrepreneur and creator from Israel and founder of YC Group.

All my life I had the passion to create & perform, even when I joined the army and worked as a programmer for a few years.
While I was a soldier, I started using social media and unexpectedly found myself cultivating an amazing and diverse community of people from all over the world. 

Not only could I have a place to express myself, I realized the huge potential it holds - a stage, a voice, to promote what I believe in and support my greater goals.

Upon-completing my duty, instead of going in the obvious direction like all my unit buddies - straight into the prestigious world of high tech,

I decided to take a more risky independent path, combining my experience in programming & what I've built on social media and pursue my passion while developing my own projects.

My Path




Creator Platform

HolyLand Magazine


YC Group


Palris Productions

At the age of 18 I joined the IDF and served as a software engineer in the army for 4 years.

In addition to being a full stack web developer, I was also the Scrum Master and in charge of the UX in my department.

Following my service, I started developing my own creator platform to engage with my community. I launched the first version - a website called YC Demons and operated it for a few months.

In April I launched HolyLand - a digital magazine and a movement promoting women's freedom to express and take control of their body & sexuality.

In 2021, I established my first company, YC Group, which mainly focuses on media and tech aspects, while incorporating my initiatives in the present and in the future.

On March 2022, I've launched Palris, a production division in YC Group which provides creative and commercial productions for brands and creators, specializing in social media and viral concepts.

Next on the line, is launching my own worldwide clothing brand.

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